Meet the Geeks that "Beat the Geek".

We are a very interesting bunch.  We are the super geeks. We love Stars, Star Wars, and Star Trek. We have seen every Bruce Campbell movie. We never received our acceptance letters to Hogwarts, so we left the shire to become Jedi.  We were the kids in the neighborhood that always beat everyone at video games.  We could never accept that computers just do what they do. We always wanted to know how they work. How we can take them apart and look at the insides. How we can make them faster.  There has always been the quest for knowledge in  our heads.  We love a good challenge, which is why we work in this field. We live by a theory that we will never let a machine beat us, in fact we always, always make them submit to us. This is why… WE BEAT THE GEEK!


The next Geek 


Bill Ledsome

Owner -Technician

Tasha H.

Web Design Graphics



Brian Barracato


Qwerx Alumni Geeks

Qwerx has been through a lot of changes in the 12 years we have been in business. We have even moved locations a couple of times. Though those changes there have been some Geeks that have stood out. Some of them still work with us from time to time. This where we honor some of them for contributions that have led to the Qwerx we know today. Bill has a theory that once your a part of the Qwerx Family  your always parts of the Qwerx Family!

Steven Barnard

Kevin Lupex

Chris Staples

Amadeus Dameron

Michael Steven



Bryan Hart

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