The History of Computer Qwerx

Computer Qwerx has been serving the downtown Saint Petersburg and surrounding areas for nearly 15 years.  Qwerx started as an idea on a front porch in The Historic Old North East District by Brian Word.  With two master’s degrees under his belt, he traveled all over the world, experiencing all life had to offer.  He had a deep appreciation for computer technology and regularly repaired computers for friends.  Very aware that the “box store’s tech squads” were over-priced, he also knew they did not take an ideal approach to really caring about the customers’ individual computer needs.  In early 2001 he developed the idea of Computer Qwerx,  where “We Beat The Geek”. By June 1st of that year he established a Location downtown .


Bill Ledsome shared this vision and joined the company in 2006, as a sweat equity partner.   Bill began learning and working on computers as a teen.  He completed his first network while still in middle school and has had ongoing training for 15 years, plus endless computer repair success stories.  Having owned a number of successful small businesses, prior to Computer Qwerx, Bill quickly proved himself to be an essential member of the “Beat the Geek” team.   By 2007, Bill was a full partner.  In 2009, Bill Ledsome purchased full ownership of the company and continues to operate the company today.


The staff at Computer Qwerx work diligently to stay on top of the current trends in technology. Starting off as modest computer repair company, Qwerx has expanded to offer so much more.  Services now include website design, graphic design, network administration, printing, component level repair , cell phone & tablet repair, purchase & sale of new & refurbished computers and more.  Our goal is to be the one stop shop for your individual tech needs.  For the last decade we have grown, with our customers, in the ever evolving field of information technology.  We have worked hard to build trust with our customers and a history of high quality professional work on their computers.  We continue to be the best alternative to the Big Box corporate stores.  As a Local company, contributing to the local economy and taking time to treat every person who walks in our door with the one-on-one commitment that our company was founded on.


Thank you to all our loyal customers for your continued trust! Welcome to all our new customers. We are eager to continue helping you all have a better experience using your electronics for many years to come.


We repair all types of device screens. call for a quote.

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